QSSM Statement of Purpose

Quad State Sales & Marketing, a Texas corporation, was formed in October of 1989 with the purpose of achieving unparalleled sales and marketing representation in the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas territories for internationally recognized electronics and electromechanical component manufacturers.

The success of any organization is dependent on the caliber of its people, how they interact and how strongly they are driven to achieving the pinnacle of performance in those areas in which they compete. The individuals of Quad State Sales & Marketing have international, national and local sales experience with a high level of technical competence. Along with a high level of energy and enthusiasm, this experienced team of personnel will produce excellent results for those principals with whom they form a “partnership”.

The Customer Is Number One

Our customers are the lifeblood of our organization. Their success and satisfaction must be our first priority.


There is no room in our organization for mediocrity – we must expect excellence from everyone. Before we can expect excellence from others we must first expect it from ourselves.


Our customers have the right to expect quality in our products, our service and our people. The determination to meet that expectation is a goal that is shared by all of us.

Respect and Caring for People

Respect is a privilege that is given by one to another. Each of us has a responsibility to earn and protect the respect of those we work with and the customers we serve.

Honesty and Integrity

We take great pride in our dedication to honesty and integrity. There is absolutely no tolerance for shortcuts that compromise our ethical or legal obligation to our customers, our principals, the community or each other.


A successful teamwork approach to problems and opportunities will provide the forum for practicing our respect and concern for fellow employees as well as bringing to bear the total resources of the corporation to better service our customers.


It is our expectation that all employees possess entrepreneurial can-do attitudes which find solutions. It is this winning spirit that will make the difference between success and failure.


Independence allows the individual to grow, to develop a sense of worth and a feeling that they share in the ownership of the organization.


It is our objective to foster an environment that is progressive and productive yet provides enough room to enjoy the work we do.


The profitability of our firm is essential to its long term viability. It is our goal to ensure that future by conducting our business in a manner that meets the expectations of all who make Quad State Sales & Marketing a success – its customers, its principals and its employees.